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Here at Sea City Music we deal with all the business aspects and allow you to get on with creating the music and growing your audience. We are your partner as you grow and we take our accountability and responsibility very seriously as we plan for this to be a long term relationship.


We will be your business partner and work with you to achieve success by mapping out your roadmap, dealing with people who can further your career, arranging live sessions and performances and everything else that goes with artist management. We will do this with honesty and integrity and always be transparant and accountable at all times.


We can control these aspects and get your work out to others and ensure that all monies due are collected and accounted for. Additionally we work on getting your music out to film and TV producers and we as online retailers such as iTunes, Spotify for maximum exposure.


We use out expertise to ensure the maximum exposure on Social media and fan engagement as well as traditional routes such as TV/Radio and print. Also, we promote events ourselves and work with others to make sure you have an audience to play in front of.


We are Sea City Music and this is our journey.

  • 2013-2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Having being involved in the music scene for some year the same story was often repeated. Bands that had talent playing small venues to no audience for no pay and a general lack of accountability. With so much talent and ambition we knew we could help drive this forward and hatched a plan.

  • March 2014

    A Company is Born

    We looked at what we could do well and offer to others bring together our skills in music management and on-line/off-line promotion and how we would deliver it. We all agreed that above all else all our dealings would be ethical and fair and accountable at all times and that we would always stick to this ethos.

  • October 2014

    Welcome to Sea City Music

    We have desks and phones. A space to work from at last and we also started to promote our bands, jumping right in with mid sized venues giving them a 'big' stage to play on.

  • 2015 ...

    Phase Two Expansion

    This is where we take off. Sharpening our skills, growing our rosta and taking on more staff but never to the detriment of our core values. When we say partnership we mean it. The reward to us is the journey and just as much fun as what's waiting for us at the destination.

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    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

With specialised individual skills we can offer a complete package necessary to further your career and also, by being nice people we are easy to work with.

Phil Nye

Artist Management and development // New Talant contact

David Croissant

Business development // on-line/off-line promotion

If you have skills that you think you can bring to the team then please get in touch as we are looking for talanted people who can add value to our business and our clients.

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Sea City Music, Unit 5a, Block 3, Chalex Industrial Estate, Brighton, BN42 4NH - Phone 01273 422 250